Lee Blodgett, Northpoint Mortgage
Direct: 678-409-9299 - leeb@fairwaymc.com  NMLS#658809 | GA License #34005
Lee is a great partner and mortgage professional whose team has aligned themselves with our brokerage. He's helped many of our clients close on the home of their dreams over many years, always with a great deal of experience & professionalism. Let Lee know you're working with us.
Click HERE to view Lee's profile & application link. 

Randy McMullin, AmStar Loans
Direct: 770-509-7827 - randy@amstarloans.com  NMLS#178020 GRML#25934
[Bio/profile] Randy is an experienced mortgage professional with over 20 years in the industry. Another terrific resource as a senior loan officer, definitely a great professional to discuss your goals. Tell him you're working with our team.

Marty Patterson, Heritage Bank 
Direct: 404-422-3639/678-455-2983 - mpatterson@eheritagebank.com 

Damian Cook, Assurance Financial
Direct: 678-696-9840 - dcook@lendtheway.com  NMLS#20398
Through a handful of transactions we've worked together, I've been impressed with Damian's professionalism & . He's not only an experienced loan officer, I've been especially impressed with his ability to get a couple of really difficult loans closed in the past. Definitely a great professional to discuss your goals. Tell him you're working with us. 

Anthony Guerreso, CBC National Bank 
Direct: 770-757-1407 - anthony.guerreso@cbcnationalbank.com  NMLS#1371137

Fernando Guerrero, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp. 
Direct: 404-998-1010 email@email.com  NMLS#XXXXXX

Elaine Teague, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corp.
Direct: 678-762-4770 - bteague@fairwaymc.com  NMLS#151093
She's our long-time lending partner; Elaine is a local & experienced 'Home Loan Specialist' who we highly recommend. With well over 20 years in the business and working with our team, she is a trusted partner in every sense- if she says she can do something, we've learned that our clients can count on it. Her group also has access to information regarding downpayment assistance programs that may be available - a fantastic plus in this market! Be sure to tell her you're working with our team.